Tough desicions are coming

With only 15 days of snowmobiling since Dec of 2014 Membership is now down by 77%, the club has lost money for the 2nd year in a row and with little hope of much snowmobiling this year ...

Longest stretch in History continues

Everyday we set a new record for the trails being closed, They closed 12/24/16 and have not reopened since. this is the longest stretch since the snowmobile was invented back in 1959

Club cancells trail ride will try again Feb 3

Well when it hasn’t snowed in over a year there just isn’t much anyone can do but try again on Feb 3rd

WE need your support

To say that snowmobiling has not been good the last 4 years is an understatement, Only 15 days total but before that we had years of 79,68,58 days in a row the trails were open. We ...

Starting July 1st we are the Dubuque County Snowkhawks

Almost nobody showed up to decide our new name. this is what happens, So sad, Hope the other snowmobile clubs in Dubuque county don’t take any offense but we are stuck with this.