Attention Dubuque county ATV and UTV owners !!!!!!!!!!

After the Snowmobile meeting Jan 2nd at Rhodys¬† which starts at 7:30 so around 8 oclock A meeting will be held for people who are interested in helping get a petition drive started to be presented to the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors asking them to open up designated rural county roads for ATV, UTV and SxS use. This is extremely popular in Grant County Wis and has been a huge success , in Iowa Jackson , Jones, Clinton and Delaware counties are all opening up certain roads for ATV/ UTV travel has well. Earlier this year I approached the board about opening the roads up for ATV/ UTV’s Supervisor Dave (No fun ) Baker seemed to be against it but did say he would like to hear more from the residents , Supervisor Jay Wickham seemed to be in favor of it while Supervisor Klein was not present at the meeting.

A petition with 400 signatures would get there attention plus we need to have people who would help purpose which roads would be opened up to ATV/ UTV’s,¬† A trail from Balltown to Cascade and one from Dyersville to Centralia should be looked at. All help is good from collecting signatures to helping guide our trail system and if you have the time come to the meeting or call Dale Leslein 563 581 5119 for more info

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