Trail Conditions


12/10 New bridge is open at Sundown Mtn and Heritage Trail

12/12 4-6 inches of snow fell  trails are marginal  Doug Loop  from Budd toward Asbury is closed   till next Sunday deer season

12/16 We need a snow hopefully that 3-5 inches will come, Its very marginal right now Heritage trail in places is 100% bare

12/18 3inches of new snow most trail are in good shape

12/20 Heritage Trail to Eichmans is really rough, Heritage trail the closer to Dubuque you get the more chewed up but still useable.  The Sundown to Asbury  road Trail had plenty of snow until you get to the tops and ridges from Asbury Road past Jct21 and over to Rhodys still more than enough to go but just be careful. Also there is a piece of rebar stuck in the parking lot at Rhodys be careful,

12/26 Do to the rain trails are now closed. ,  Think Snow !!!!

1/1 All trails are closed and  ready for snow, let it snow let it snow let it snow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

recap we had 12 days this year 5 days last year 7 days the year before that and 88 the year before that so it can snow and it will again

1/11         1/2 inch of rain all trails remain closed

1/22  Several bridges have been washed out do to the massive flooding and ice jams on area creeks. Repairs will be made has soon has it freezes up and before the massive winter storm hits.

1/25 up to two inches of snow trails remain closed

1/28 all trails remain closed and are ready for snow

2/13 No snow all trails are 100% bare and it’s 45 degrees  it was announced do the  lack of snow the bridges by Menards and Sundown will not be replaced for rest of the year has it is unlikely the trails will reopen this year at all. We will not start removing trail markers until sometime in March just in case . At the March 7th meeting it will be determined at that time if the season will be officially called for the year and all trails closed till Dec, 6th.

2/26 I wish we could talk about a foot of snow but it looks like the party is over

3/3 Club President tom Spalla has called it a year and all trails are closed for rest of the season due to the alfalfa breaking dormancy. Trail Bosses pick up markers asap

We know it has been a very disappointing year but would like to thank all of our landowners, sponsors and volunteers  for your support and we hope next year will be better