New Club name to be voted on Jan 2nd

All club members are encourage to attend the Jan. 2nd meeting at Rhodys at 7:30, A new club name that has been in the works for some time will be discussed and voted on.  The town of Asbury has made a huge blunder by banning snowmobiles and the club has quite frankly had enough. Some things being considered are the town of Peosta which is a snowmobile friendly town has lots of support, Also a changing of the nickname is likely too.  Names being floated so far are

Peosta Sundowners

Peosta Snowhawks

Dubuque County Sundowners

Sundown snowmobile club

and a few have said about keeping it Asbury Snowhawks even though Asbury bans  snowmobiles

Peosta Sundowners has a lot of support, Looking 20 years down the road our trail system will run from Peosta to Sundown to Durango with the land between Asbury and Dubuque being developed and those trail expected to be lost. Sundowners has several things going for it . #1 Most of us ride the trails after Sundown #2 Sundown Mtn lights are an incredible landmark on the trail system, You can see them for miles away and Thirdly no other snowmobile club in Iowa uses the name Sundowners which would be a big plus.


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